Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

If you’re lucky enough to be playing tennis outdoors this winter (I know I am), be sure you take extra special care of your skin.  Even though the sun isn’t out and much of your body is bundled up, your skin is still being exposed to cold, windy and dry conditions.  To keep your tennis-playing skin in tip-top condition, here are a few healthy winter skin tips:

1.  Use a heavier moisturizer.  That light, water-based moisturizer that you love during the spring and summer may not be enough to keep your skin hydrated during the winter.  Try an oil-based moisturizer that will provide a protective layer and seal in moisture on your skin.  Look for one that contains non-pore-clogging ingredients for your face (like mineral oil, primrose oil or almond oil).

2.  Be sure to use sunscreen.  While it may not seem sunny when you’re outside, the sun’s harmful rays can still do damage to your skin.  So apply a sunscreen over your moisturizer or find an appropriate moisturizer that includes an SPF ingredient.

3.  Stay hydrated.  You may not feel hot.  You may not be sweating.  But the drying effects of winter weather can lead to dehydration.  Help your skin and your body by drinking plenty of water when playing tennis, or doing any activity, outdoors.

4.  Wear lip balm.  The skin on your lips is thin and needs extra protection when exposed to the elements.  Apply lip balm, with an SPF, often during the winter.  Keep a stick or two in your tennis bag so you’ve always got one handy during your matches.


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