Tennis Fashion Fix: Australian Open 2013 – Maria Sharapova

Maria SharapovaThe 2013 Australian Open is underway and, here at Tennis Fixation, that means one thing – let’s take a look at what the players are wearing!

First off, for me, is always Maria Sharapova.  Because I know Maria actually cares about what she’s wearing and I know she has some input into the fashion design.  And, I hate to say it Maria, but this year’s Australian Open dress is a great, big yawn.  Maria is wearing the Nike Premier Maria Tennis Dress in Electric Yellow, Strata Grey and Vivid Sulphur (in other words – it’s yellow and gray).  The description of this dress says that it is “inspired by sunlight” and made with “shimmery” fabrics that “catch the light during play.”  While I adore that description, the dress is still boring.

Here’s a better look at the dress, showing off the ombre shading at the skirt:




Ombre, shombre. Still an average dress.  While still not great, it does look better on Maria and when it is in action:




One of the reasons I’m so disappointed in this dress (besides the fact that I personally look horrible in yellow and would never wear this dress) is that I know that Maria knows how to wear a killer dress.  Last weekend, right before the Australian Open started, Maria was in Melbourne launching her Sugarpova candy line (which I really need to do a review of). Check out this stunning outfit in which she appeared:




The flirty pleats!  The open back!  The double zippers!  The diamond print!  The unusual color combo that somehow works perfectly!  Why, oh why, doesn’t Maria wear something this exciting during her matches?

In the meantime, I know Maria could care less what we all think about her fashion choices because she’s in the Aussie Open to win it, as demonstrated by her Day 1 6-0, 6-0 victory over Olga Puchkova (ouch!).  I suggest you keep an eye out for her sunlight-inspired tennis dress because I’m sure Maria will make it deep into this tournament and you’ll be seeing it often.



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