Tennis Fashion Fix: Why Is Everyone Wearing Yellow At The 2013 Australian Open?

2013-Yellow-Ivanovic-1Why is everyone wearing yellow at this year’s Australian Open? Simple. It shows up well on TV.

That’s why the tennis ball was changed from white to optic yellow years ago.  Remember white tennis balls?  Those are what everyone played with at one time.  But in 1972, the optic yellow ball was introduced at tournaments after research showed that that color was more visible on color televisions.

For that same reason, the courts at the Australian Open are colored “Australian Open True Blue” (that’s what color they are – not just blue).  Because the balls are optic yellow, the blue courts mean greater ball visibility for players, officials, spectators and the TV viewing audience.

So players wearing the same bright yellow “pop” from your TV screen more than players wearing other colors.  It just shows up better on TV.

In this photo collage, you can see a few of the women who are playing in yellow this year, including (clockwise from top left) Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Donna Vecik (she’s out), Caroline Wozniacki and Angelique Kerber.




Even the men are in on this trend.  Check out this photo collage showing (left to right) David Ferrer (love him), Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Andy Murray and Juan Monaco (drove him at last year’s U.S. Men’s Clay Court tournament which he won but he’s already out of the Australian Open).




Of course, another reason everyone might be wearing yellow is because it symbolizes optimism, energy, sunlight and positivism (is that a word?).  And if there is some player out there wearing yellow for that reason, good for them!  I’m “positive”, however, it has a lot more to do with TV appearances and a lot less to do with conveying positive energy.





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  1. enuf yellow says

    Was wondering what the deal was with yellow gear. I thought Na Li’s outfit in purple against Sharapova today was classy & a relief from all the yellow outfits throughout the tournament….the many yellow colored fashion statements were just over the top.

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