“Fixation Friday” For February!

Fixation-Friday-FebruaryHello, it’s Fixation Friday!  On the last Friday of each month, I list all kinds of things that I got obsessed with or fixated on during the month.  In February, I got wrapped up in being heart healthy, in doing even more Bikram Yoga, in banana recipes (who knows why) and in continuing to work on my tennis serve.  Below is my list of links that preoccupied me this month.  If you see something you’re interested in, just click on the title to be whisked over to the website, video, post, etc.  So get fixated with me with my Fixation Friday list for February!


Putting “Winning” into Perspective – This is a great post from P.J. on his The Road to 4.5 Tennis blog.  It is not just a commentary on the whole Lance Armstrong debacle, but a very insightful essay on why tennis is such a wonderful game and how fortunate we are that so many of our pros are fabulous role models.

Learning From PushersEssential Tennis ALWAYS has great tennis instructional materials – videos, podcasts, posts, etc.  Here is a link to their podcast episode talking about what we can learn from “pushers,” those players who beat us by simply getting the ball back over and over and over.  You can subscribe to the Essential Tennis podcast through iTunes (I do!).

How To Regain Confidence After Losing A Tennis Match – Here’s a link to another great podcast episode from Dr. Patrick Cohn at Sports Psychology For Tennis.  Again, Dr. Cohn always has great advice for strengthening your mental game.  His podcast is also available at iTunes.


Recipe: One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream – This is basically frozen bananas swirled in your food processor to make a healthy, one-fruit version of “ice cream” that you can even eat for breakfast.  I tried it and loved it.  Perfect for all of those overripe bananas I seem to always have.

Recipe: Baked Banana Bread Doughnuts – You’re supposed to make these in a doughnut pan, which I don’t have.  I made them as muffins and they were super delicious.  I tried them out because the recipe calls for coconut oil and I have turned into one of those people who thinks coconut oil is a cure for everything.

4 Ways to Find the Time and Energy to Cook After a Long, Busy Day – Finding the time and energy to cook seems to be my problem every single day, and its doubly worse on tennis days.  This blog post from Stone Soup has some great tips and great recipes to deal with the issue.

The 7 Habits of Calmness – As I’ve said before, I read a lot of blogs, a lot of non-tennis blogs.  Yes, I can spend hours and hours on the Internet being totally unproductive.  One of my favorites, which I think actually has some application to tennis is Zen Habits.  This post on calmness had some tips that could be applied not only in life, but also in your next tennis match.

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