Tennis Fixation’s “Tennis Quick Tips” Podcast Is Coming!

Tennis Quick Tips Podcast Tennis FixationI know it seems like everything around here is so exciting and I always have a big announcement to make but his time – really, I mean it!  This is exciting!  I have a big announcement to make!

This Friday, I’m launching the “Tennis Quick Tips” podcast!

Are you listening to podcasts?  I am and have been for quite some time.  As far as tennis is concerned, it’s like on demand instruction and interviews that you can listen to anywhere, anytime.

But . . . Tennis Quick Tips is going to be something completely different from what’s available right now.

You’ll get to hear what I mean starting this Friday.  I’ll release the first three episodes, one a day, starting on Friday.  After that, I’ll release a new episode every week.  Each one will give you a quick, easy and fun tip to “jump start” on your tennis game.

Get The First Episode in Your Inbox!

If you’ve already signed up for Tennis Fixation’s Weekly Updates, you’ll automatically get a link to each episode of Tennis Quick Tips in your e-mail inbox as part of your Weekly Updates.  If you haven’t signed up already, you can do that by entering your e-mail address in the sign up box to the right of this post or in the one just below this post.  You’ll also receive my free e-book 10 “Quick Fixes” to Improve Your Serve: No Lessons Required (and I think you’ll really like that a lot).  You’ll be able to find Tennis Quick Tips in iTunes, Stitcher and Blackberry as soon as it goes live and I’ll have subscription links in my sidebar just as soon as I get it all figured out (yes, I’m producing this whole thing all by myself, just another one of my many un-tennis talents!).

I’m really, really excited to make this big leap into the podcasting world and I hope you’ll listen in!  Check back on Friday for Tennis Quick Tips brought to you by me, Kim, and!


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