Tennis Fashion Fix: US Open 2013 – Serena and Venus

2013 US Open Serena and Venus WilliamsAs the U.S. Open rolls on, Serena Williams continues to dominate. No surprise there. And Venus is already out of singles. Also no big surprise. So let’s take a look at what the Williams sisters are wearing right now.

During the day, Serena is wearing the Nike Women’s Autumn Heathered V-Neck Dress in Fusion Red. The shoes she’s wearing are supposed to be the Nike Women’s Air Max Cage in Pink and Gray but I’m not 100% sure that’s what she’s actually wearing. Serena’s day dress is sort of twirly and flouncy which is a big look at this year’s U.S. Open. The color may be called “Fusion Red” but it’s definitely hot pink, almost fuschia. Here’s a look:


Serena Williams in her 2013 US Open Day Dress by Nike

The back of the dress is low cut and features a cut out above the waist. I like this one but I’m a sucker for anything pink so this is an easy one for me to love.

At night, she’s wearing the same dress in two shades of gray. Here’s a peek at the Nike Women’s Autumn Heathered V Neck Dress in Armory Blue.

Serena Williams in her 2013 US Open Nike Night Dress

I like the shot of pink at the waist band because, otherwise, I think this color is a little boring. You can see her shoes are definitely not the Air Max Cage shoes but, hey, Serena Williams can wear whatever shoes she wants and these definitely go with the dress.

Now, let’s take a look at what Venus was wearing before her second round singles loss to China’s Zheng Jie.  Before we plunge into the dress discussion, we must talk about Venus’s hair. For the U.S. Open, Venus went with a purple weave that matches her dress.  Here’s a pretty good look at it:

2013 US Open Venus Williams Purple Hair

While this is not a look that many people can carry off, I think it looks fabulous on Venus. And it does really go with the dress. If people are going to focus on something about Venus, I’m all for them talking about how interesting her hair looks and not how tacky her outfit looks.

Having said that, while her tennis dress is not for me, I don’t think it’s overly tacky. Certainly not at the level of some of her past get-ups. For this tournament, Venus wore her own Eleven U.S. Open Tennis Dress in Black and Rose. It features a rose print, with pink, red and that purple, on a black background. The V neck is in a contrasting solid black and the hem is in a sort of flouncy black gauze. Look, this dress is not for me but I saw a lady carrying it around when I was in Tennis Express recently and she told me she loved it and thought it was way cuter than Serena’s day dress that looked too much like a “ballet outfit” to her. So, different strokes for different folks. There are people out there who like what Venus and the Eleven line are putting out. Not me necessarily, but other people. Here’s a look at Venus’s dress:

2013 US Open Venus Williams Day Dress Eleven
While Venus is out of singles, the sisters remain in doubles. They’re both wearing separates from their respective lines to play doubles in. Frankly, I’m not going for either of these outfits. Take a look:

Serena and Venus Williams play doubles at the 2013 US Open

I’m sure Serena will be around in singles for a while longer. She’s favored to take the whole thing. And these two always do incredibly well in doubles so maybe we’ll be seeing Venus for a little while longer too.

Stay tuned for more fashion looks from the U.S. Open!


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