Real Tennis Tips For Real Tennis Players – The Ebook Is Coming!

Yes!  It’s happening!

I am finally putting together all of the tips, tricks, secrets, hacks, tactics and strategies I have learned in one place. That’s right. I’m putting together an ebook for tennis players just like you and me. Real tennis tips for real tennis players.  And the title is (drum roll please). . . “Real Tennis Tips for Real Tennis Players”!

So you may remember that last week, I asked you all to help me pick the title for my upcoming book. And so many of you were so kind and generous, taking the time to respond and to even add your own suggestions. Your comments were great and really helped me see that this is the kind of book a lot of us are looking for.

Now, according to the survey, the title that won far-and-away was “Real Tennis Tips For Real Tennis Players” which I happen to love.  Because it gets to the heart of what this book will give you – simple, easy to apply tennis tips that anyone can understand and use right away.

So “Real Tennis Tips for Real Tennis Players,” is on its way! Here’s a mock-up of the cover (as it looks right now) (things could change) (that’s how it is in the ebook business):

Real Tennis Tips for Real Tennis Players - Cover - Small

The current launch date is set for February 18 and I’m furiously working towards that deadline. If you’re interested in more details on that AND if you’d like to get a launch discount and a free chapter, just click on the button below:

Real Tennis Tips for Real Tennis Players - Button

I’ll email you updates, tips that I’m including, a discount code, and even a free chapter!

Thanks once again for all of your support and help on this project. I’m so excited!

Happy Tennis!

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