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How And Why To Make Fruit Infused Waters

Staying hydrated on the tennis court is so important. Proper hydration keeps you energetic and healthy. And when you're energetic and healthy, you may have that little extra edge over your opponent that will help you win the match.But the truth is . . . water can be just a little boring.  And sports drinks are often calorie-laden sugar bombs.  So this recipe for "fruit-infused waters" is just the kind of thing to pique my interest.  These fruity waters are great-tasting, nutritious and pretty much calorie-free.  And, bonus, they're so … [Read More...]

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Tennis Fashion Fix: Martina Hingis & Tonic & Me

One of the great things about my complete fixation with tennis is how many tennis pros I've gotten to meet. They are almost always super nice and completely accessible. And Martina Hingis is both of these things.This week, I was lucky enough to meet her at an event held at Tennis Express … [Read More...]

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Tennis Fashion Fix: French Open 2013

We have our women's singles finalists for the 2013 French Open!  It will be American powerhouse Serena Williams and returning champ Maria Sharapova who will meet tomorrow on Court Philippe-Chartrier … [Read More...]

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