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Airing My Dirty Tennis Laundry – WIN High Performance Sports Detergent Review

Do you live in workout clothes? I do. I play tennis, run or do some other kind of physical exercise pretty much everyday. Most days, I put on a tennis or fitness outfit, do my physical activity in the morning, and then spend the whole rest of my day in those sweaty clothes. The result is that, on occasion, well I hate to say it but, I don't smell so good. Working up a healthy sweat may be great for my body, but not so much for my nose.And, here's my next big admission I hate to make about my workout gear. Over the years, I've thrown away … [Read More...]

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Quick and Easy Summer Tennis Fitness

I don't know about you, but I do not have time to do everything I need to do to get better at tennis. When I have a match day, like today, it's hard for me to also fit in a real workout. And I think I need a real workout most days, even on match days, because I just don't think I get a very good … [Read More...]

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