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Happy French Open from

Happy French Open!

Bonjour! The next Grand Slam is finally here as the 2015 French Open begins today! Je suis tellement excitée! (I think that means “I’m so excited!” I hope that’s what it means.) If you're looking to impress your tennis pals with your incredible knowledge of French Open trivia (and aren't we all looking to do that?), here are my "Top 5 Things You Should Know About The French Open": Un. French Open or Roland Garros? The French Open is also referred to as Roland Garros. I personally try to call it Roland Garros and then, when no one knows what … [Read More...]

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Keep Your Head Up

Simple Tennis Tip – Keep Your Head Up

An important serve tip that no one seems to mention is to keep your head up as long as you can when serving. By keeping your head up, you keep your shoulders and body up too. Dropping your head results in dropping your shoulders, throwing your body weight and balance off. So, keep your head up … [Read More...]

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When Partners Disagree in Tennis - Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 86

When Partners Disagree In Tennis – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 86

Isn’t it fun playing doubles? You have the best partner in the world. You both play the same way, following the same strategy. You never disagree on what your tactics should be or who should have got that ball down the middle. And you never, ever disagree on calls. If that’s how your tennis doubles […]

How to Play a Tiebreak in Tennis

How to Play a Tiebreak in Tennis – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 72

I’m always surprised by how many tennis players don’t know how to play a tiebreak. This is one of those areas where you really need to know what the rules are and make sure that they’re followed. So, in this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, we’ll quickly go through how to play a tiebreak in […]

How to Be a Great Tennis Team Captain

How To Be A Great Tennis Team Captain – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 68

So you’ve joined a tennis team, you’ve been a really good tennis team member, and now they’ve asked you to captain the team! Should you take on that job? And if you do, how can you make sure you’re a a great team captain. In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I’ll give you my […]

Where to Stand When You're Serving in Tennis - Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 60

Where To Stand When You’re Serving – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 60

I just played a doubles match where one of my opponents stood in the doubles alley (behind the baseline of course) when hitting her serve. She did this on both sides of the court, throughout the match and was really good at placing her serve all over the service box. Since this is such an […]

Talking on the Tennis Court - Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 59

Talking on the Tennis Court – Tennis Quick Tips Episode 59

If you’ve been listening to Tennis Quick Tips for any length of time, you know I always ask you to send in your questions. And I recently got some really good ones from Astrid in Chicago. Good enough that I wanted to answer them in a podcast. So, in this episode, let’s talk about talking […]

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For Good Serve Hit Good Toss

For A Good Serve, Hit A Good Toss – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 76

It’s time for a tennis quick tip on the serve! While the serve may be the most important stroke in tennis, I believe the toss is the most important part of the serve. And that’s why you need to always hit a good toss. Too often, we get lazy or impatient and just hit any […]


How To Serve Into The Sun – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 45

SHOW NOTES: Of all the weather conditions and elements we tennis players face on court, one of the worst is the sun. Especially when we have to serve into the sun. With the sun in your eyes, your killer serve can quickly move from being a weapon to being a real liability. In this episode […]


How to Serve Smart in Tennis Doubles – Tennis Quick Tips Podcast 41

Serving in doubles may be twice as important as serving in singles because, in doubles, your serve impacts twice as many people.  In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I’ll give you my best tips for serving smart in tennis doubles.  You can listen to this episode by clicking on the media player above or […]

Tennis Serve Toss

Get A Better Tennis Serve With A Better Toss – TQT 014

The latest episode of the Tennis Quick Tips podcast has just come out! TQT 014,  “Get a Better Tennis Serve with a Better Toss,” is all about improving that one stroke that we all know needs to be improved – the serve.  In this episode, I talk about how your serve can get a whole lot […]

Tennis Serve Maria Sharapova

Improve Your First Serve With A “Real” Second Serve – TQT 009

The latest episode of the Tennis Quick Tips podcast is now available! In TQT 009, I give a tip that may not seem so obvious – how to improve your first serve by getting a “real” second serve.  By a real second serve, I mean a serve that has something on it and is not just […]